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Guided sightseeing tours around Bulgaria

culture and history sightseeing tours of bulgaria

The turbulent history of Bulgaria, influenced by its crossroad location between Europe and Asia, offers a variety of places of interest to be explored – either monasteries and churches (some of them more than 10 centuries old), or museum villages from the Revival Period declared architectural reserves in recent days… but not only. Bulgaria has a lot more to offer: ancient Thracian tombs and sanctuaries, unique nature and diverse landscapes changing every 20km, vast mountains, deep gorges and sinister caves, unique traditions and cuisine, special local brands of wine and brandy etc.

Bulgaria – Ancient times, Monasteries and Culture (8 days)

SCHEDULED DEPARTURE DATES! Centuries, indeed millennia will pass before your eyes as you explore museum villages, ancient monasteries, tombs and sanctuaries in the Rila, Pirin, Rhodope and Balkan mountains.

Hiking & culture trek “THE FOUR MOUNTAINS CIRCUIT” (8 days)

A well balanced program with half-day (or shorter) easy to moderate walks, offering more opportunities to visit also culture sites.

Bulgaria on a Budget (5 days)

ANYTIME DEPARTURES! Tour the most famous sites in Western Bulgaria on a very attractive price.

Grand tour of Bulgaria (12 days)

From the mountains to the sea, this journey is a dive into the turbulent history of Bulgaria, its lively traditions and attractive cultural monuments.

Bulgaria in the heritage list of UNESCO (8 days)

Itinerary, focused on the outstanding Bulgarian UNESCO sites and loads of other famous historical and cultural sites.

Classic tour of Bulgaria (8 days)

Majestic mountains crossed by valleys steeped in the fragrance of Gallic roses, vineyards bordering on broad, smiling sandy beaches... Oh yes. This is Bulgaria!

In the footsteps of the Thracian kings (9 days)

The religious cult of Orpheus and Dionysus was given to the world by the Thracian tribes. Their skills in crafting fine jewelry and wine have transcended all national boundaries.

Along Bulgaria’s mountain and heritage trails (12 days)

From time immemorial, Bulgarians and nature have competed in creativity. Do you wish to combine the magical charm of Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountains with its renowned heritage sights?

Rural Bulgaria – Balkan, Rhodopes, Pirin and Rila (8 days)

“Rural Bulgaria” is the best choice you can make to escape in the countryside from the concrete jungle and the stress of the modern city. Easy to moderate hikes and traditional villages. Enjoy!