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Self-guided walking tours

self-guided hiking and independent walking tours in bulgaria

Bulgarian mountains are known as the walker’s paradise! Whether you are coming on a guided (escorted) walking holiday or you opt for a self-guided (inn-to-inn) hiking vacation, thousands of kilometers of way-marked trails will be at your disposal. These will grant you access to stunning alpine terrain, rustic villages, rugged peaks, green meadows, cool forests, glacier lakes, vast nature reserves, rare flora and fauna.
> All ground transfers during the tour are included in the package (company vehicles and drivers). 
> Detailed route notes, GPS tracks, en-suite rooms, certain meals, all luggage transfers and emergency hotline are included in every multi-day package.

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ORPHEUS (8 days + other durations)

A memorable transit through some of the least-known and most authentic parts of the Rhodopes: Bulgaria’s most lyrical mountain famed as birthplace of the legendary musician Orpheus.

Summits and lakes of the Rila and Pirin mountains (8 days + other durations)

Bored of the popular walking destinations in the Alps and the Pyrenees and unable to join our guided trek in Pirin and Rila? This independent hiking tour is exactly what you are looking for.

The riddles of the Rila Mountains (8 days + other durations)

Mount Rila is considered Bulgaria’s best alpine tourism site, offering a huge diversity of marked hiking trails of varied difficulty levels. Our trek visits the Seven Rila Lakes, Mt. Musala, The Scary Lake etc.

The grand Balkans circle – Rhodopes, Pirin, Rila and Vitosha mountains (15 days + other durations)

Do you want to spend two full weeks, hiking along the most scenic walking routes in the most famous Bulgarian mountains? An impressive self-guided trekking holiday to remember.

The best of the Rhodopes and Mount Rila (9 days)

This walking tour, a combination of our classic unguided treks in the Rhodopes and the Rila, takes in the best of the two as regards routes, natural phenomena, and interaction with local people.

Pirin Mountains (5 days)

The Pirin is perhaps Bulgaria’s most picturesque and most alpine mountain. The rocky outcrop known for its marble and granite peaks and rich flora and fauna is listed by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site.