Birdwatching & Wildlife Tours

spring birdwatching tour of bulgaria

Bulgaria is a paradise for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The variety of habitats that could be found in the country is amazing. When we add the outstanding location at the end of the natural bottle-neck, formed by the second biggest migratory route in Europe (Via Pontica) we end up with a complete complex of conditions for a superb birdwatching almost all the year round, including a checklist of more than 420 species discovered by now.
Brown Bear viewing is a new attractions also becoming more and more popular especially when combined with daily hikes for bear tracking, observations of Balkan Chamois, Capercaillie or a Wallcreeper.

One-day birding tours from Sofia

No matter if you are on a business trip in Sofia or just looking for a relaxed birdwatching outside of the city we would be glad to organize a good birding time-out for you.

Birds and wildlife photography hide near Sofia

Dedicated birds and wildlife photography hide close to Sofia. Active year-round. Long species list.

Wallcreeper short birding break (3 days)

The Wallcreeper has always been a dream-bird for many birdwatchers. The program as specified below gives more than just perfect chances to spot it.

Brown Bear watching tour

With a main focus on viewing Brown Bear in the pristine habitats of the Rhodope Mountains, this 5-day itinerary has great added value to include soft hiking, sightseeing etc.

One-day birding tour to Lake Kerkini (Northern Greece)

All the year round the avifauna of this semi-natural water reservoir, fed by Struma River, could keep your eyes busy, watching the stunning diversity and numbers of birds.

SHORT BIRDING BREAK in Southern Bulgaria and Northern Greece (3 days)

Short birding tour to the best hotpots in Western Bulgaria and Northern Greece (Lake Kerkini).

Bulgaria in spring – the best birding of the Balkans (9 days)

Not been in this part of Europe yet? Join us and you will be able to add a whole lot of impressive species to your bird list.

Autumn migration along the ‘Via Pontica” flyway (8 days)

Via Pontica is the second biggest flyway in Europe, passing along the Western Black Sea coast. Millions of birds and countless flocks of soaring migrants use this route between twice a year.

Winter birdwatching tour – Red-breasted Geese and more… (6 days)

As pearls on a necklace, the wetlands in Eastern Bulgaria trace the coastal regions of the country. These are the best places for birdwatching in winter, when huge numbers of waterfowl gather here.