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Hiking (guided & self-guided) daily tours from Sofia

one-day hiking tours from sofia to rila mountains

One-day hiking tours from Sofia to Vitosha and Rila mountains. Guided and self-guided options on most trails. Private and small group walks of different difficulty to Mount Vitosha (The Black Peak (Cherni Vrah) – 2290m, The Golden Bridges etc.) and Rila Mountains (The Seven Rila Lakes, Musala Peak (2925m), Malyovitsa Peak (2729м), The Scary Lake and Yonchevo Lake, Rila Monastery etc.).

The Seven Rila Lakes, Rila Mountains

Spend the day in the Rila, walking around its pearls: The Seven Rila Lakes. Impressive nature beauty, easy access by chairlift, variety of paths and hiking routes in the area.

Musala Peak (2925m), Rila Mountains

Rila is the highest mountain in the Balkans and all of Southeastern Europe, the Musala summit rising to 2925m/9596ft.

The Seven Rila Lakes & Rila Monastery

An intensive hiking & sightseeing program, which shows you the best of the nature and culture merits of the Rila Mountains: Rila Monastery (UNESCO) and the Cirque of The Seven Rila Lakes.

Malyovitsa Peak (2729m) or The Scary Lake, Rila Mountains

Two unique opportunities to discover the raw beauty of the alpine landscape of Rila: climb Malyovitsa Peak (2729m) or do The Scary Lake circuit.

Vitosha Mountains, Cherni Vrah Peak (2290m)

Vitosha looming is the first thing visitors to Sofia notice on their way from the airport. Vitosha is the Balkans’ oldest Nature Park and Bulgaria’s most visited mountain.

Vratsa Karst & Ledenika Cave

Explore the best of Vratsa Karst Nature Park in one day. Borov Kamak eco-trail & Ledenika Cave.