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Guided walking tours

guided trekking and escorted hiking tour in bulgaria

Bulgarian mountains are known as the walker’s paradise! Whether you are coming on a guided (escorted) walking holiday or a self-guided (inn-to-inn) hiking vacation, thousands of kilometers of way-marked trails will be at your disposal. These will grant you access to stunning alpine terrain, remote villages, spectacular peaks, green meadows, century-old woods, crystal-clear blue lakes, vast nature reserves, rare plants and animals.
> All ground transfers during the tour are included in the package (company vehicles and drivers). 
> You will always walk with a day pack. The rest of your luggage will either remain at your accommodation, or inside the transfer vehicle*.
> Accommodation is always in en-suite twin/dbl rooms*.
> Professional/licensed mountain guides involved on all guided treks.
* except for one 2-day tour in Rila Mountains, where overnight in a mountain hut is included, and you need to carry a change of clothes for the night there.

PEAKS & LAKES of the Pirin and Rila mountains (8 days)

SCHEDULED DEPARTURE DATES! Enjoy Bulgaria’s most picturesque alpine treks, climbing the Balkans’ tallest summits: Musala (2925m) in the Rila and Vihren (2914m) in the Pirin.

Hiking & culture trek “THE FOUR MOUNTAINS CIRCUIT” (8 days)

A well balanced program with half-day (or shorter) easy to moderate walks, offering more opportunities to visit also culture sites.

Vitosha, Rila and Pirin – THE GREAT SNOWSHOEING ADVENTURE (8 days)

Revel in the beauty of nature amid winter. Sense the calm of winter magic in three of Bulgaria’s best-loved mountains.

The best of the Rila and Pirin (4 days)

A relatively demanding tour, which is a shorter version of our bestseller "Hiking trek in the Pirin and Rila mountains". The highlights though are still on the list: Mt. Vihren, The Seven Rila Lakes etc.

The great triad – Botev, Musala and Vihren (8 days)

A very scenic, tough but rewarding trek, visiting the giants of the three most notorious mountains in Bulgaria – Rila (incl. Mt. Musala, 2925m, being also the highest on the Balkan Peninsula), Pirin and the Balkan Mountains).

The Seven Rila Lakes & Malyovitsa Peak ridge walk (2 days)

This two-day hike will take you in the most pristine and panoramic part of Rila Mountains: the Seven Rila Lakes and Malyovitsa summit. A trek, offering superb views in clear days.

Ski touring (backcountry skiing) in the Rila and Pirin Mountains (8 days)

Backcountry skiing on the most dramatic summits and valleys of the highest Bulgarian mountains Rila and Pirin.

Rural Bulgaria – Balkan, Rhodopes, Pirin and Rila (8 days)

“Rural Bulgaria” is the best choice you can make to escape in the countryside from the concrete jungle and the stress of the modern city. Easy to moderate hikes and traditional villages. Enjoy!

Along Bulgaria’s mountain and heritage trails (12 days)

From time immemorial, Bulgarians and nature have competed in creativity. Do you wish to combine the magical charm of Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountains with its renowned heritage sights?

Rila Mountains, stationery tour (5 days)

Rila is like a chunk of the Alps set upon the Balkans. Delight in an amazing adventure in Bulgaria’s largest national park.

Pirin Mountains, stationery tour (5 days)

The Pirin is perhaps Bulgaria’s most picturesque and most alpine mountain. The rocky outcrop known for its marble and granite peaks and rich flora and fauna is listed by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site.

Rhodope Mountains, stationery tour (5 days)

The Rhodopes are the most lyrical Bulgarian mountains, combining the relief of mild oval forms, the colorful “carpets” of nature and the hospitality of the local people.