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Malyovitsa Peak (2729m) or The Scary Lake, Rila Mountains


Escape the crowds on the most popular trails of Rila (to The Seven Rila Lakes and Mt. Musala) and dip into a real mountain adventure, providing equally, if not exceeding, stunning scenery but most of all – calmness.
We offer two options to choose from, both starting from the same place (Malyovitsa resort):
1) Circular trek to the Scary Lake and Yonchevo Lake (the easier option)
2) Climb to Mt. Malyovitsa – 2729m (and back on the same route).

both walking routes are arduous and meant for fit people. 1/3 of the time you will walk over rocky terrain (no climbing abilities required). Steep stages occur now and then. Please bring along comfortable hiking boots. Sandals and flip-flops are not accepted. Rain jacket might be useful in summer as heavy showers sometimes occur in the afternoons.
The tour is offered as guided (small group) or self-guided. Check the PRICES tab below for further details.

Total transfer time: 3-3,15hrs
Walking time: 5,30-6hrs
Best period: mid-June – mid-September (could be done also in October and weather permitting – in November too)

A transfer from Sofia takes us to Malyovitsa Resort, where is the trailhead for the two options.
1) Circular trek to the Scary lake and Yonchevo Lake (5-6hrs hiking time only; 11,70km; +970m; -970m)
Tracing the beautiful Malyovitsa Valley, we soon reach Malyovitsa hut. This is where we start the real climb, passing a few cirques until we reach the famous Scary Lake (at 2465m). Fenced by majestic towers, it derives its name from the dreadful sounds during thunderstorms, amplified by the amphitheatrical surroundings. No need to worry though – in recent days there is a small refuge at the banks of the lake, which can accommodate every person in need of shelter. From there we start descending towards the calm waters of the Yonchevo Lake. The trail proceeds all the way further down to Malyovitsa resort.
2) Climb Mt. Malyovitsa, 2729m (and walk back along the same route); (5,30hrs hiking time only; 13,88km; +1130m; -1130m)
Another classic trail, following the valley of Malyovitsa River, but taking you further up, where the peaks hit the clouds. The area is known as The cradle of Bulgarian  alpinism” – literally every climber has started climbing the rocky faces of Malyovitsa summit. No climbing techniques are required for our tour though, as you follow a hiker’s trail leading all the way to the top. And the scenery, which expects you there, over the whole Rila Mountains, is something you will definitely remember.

Price (for guided tour): 1 pers: 250 Euro; 2 pers: 140 Euro pp; 3 pers: 100 Euro pp; 4 pers: 80 Euro pp; 5+ pers: 75 Euro pp;
Price (for self-guided tour): 200 Euro/car (group of 1-4 persons); 250 Euro/bus (group of 5-8 persons)

The price includes:
Transfer from your hotel in Sofia to Malyovitsa Resort and back; English-speaking guide (for the guided hiking option); Detailed route notes in English, GPS tracks and maps (for the self-guided hiking option; 1 set of route notes and 1 map per reservation)
Food: basic food is required inside the Malyovitsa Hut and also at Malyovitsa Resort; however, due to time restrictions, you’d better plan for a sandwich, prepared at home (time permitting you can stop for a tea in the hut).